Reflections of Women’s Leadership During Challenging and Uncertain Times: ~LEAD YOURSELF SO YOU CAN LEAD OTHERS~

Reflections of Women ’s Leadership During Challenging and Uncertain Times:

As the current challenging situation continues due to COVID-19, many of us are profoundly contemplating our future. “Is it ok to continue working like this?” or “Should I make a change for myself?” When these questions arise, it is time to gain new perspectives from leaders around the world.


The Working Mothers Association of Japan is excited to announce a new project, Global Women Leaders Talk Series. It provides an online platform to learn and connect with top women leaders in the United States, and they will share their learnings from their experiences.


For our very first webinar, we welcome Ms. Bernadette McBurnie. Her professional journey as a corporate executive took her across Asia, France, and the US, and she currently works as a professional speaker and executive coach for major US corporations. She will talk about “Self-Leadership” and approach to Self-Mastery. When we fully embrace Self-Leadership, we can motivate and inspire excellent performance, create an atmosphere of trust and openness, and remove barriers and obstacles to the success of the team and the organization. These skills are equally applicable in both professional and personal settings.


This session will allow you to discuss and focus on how you can lead others while living your best life!



Event Details:

English Session:
US Pacific Daylight Time: Friday, May 22nd, 2020 - 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Japan Standard Time: Saturday, May 23rd, 2020 - 10:00am - 11:00am

Please note:There will be Japanese supplemental sessions scheduled for 30 minutes prior and 20 minutes after the main seminar.

Webinar (A Zoom link will be sent via email separately to participants. The webinar will open 15 minutes before the seminar.)

Women who are currently in a management position or are aspiring to be in a management position.

50 people

Webinar language:
The main speaker will speak English with consecutive Japanese translation.


How to Register:
Please fill out and submit the registration form by clicking the link below:


Event Timetable (Japan time):
09:15-9:30 Zoom meeting room opens for participants to join
09:30-10:00  [Japanese only] Pre seminar workshop conducted by a facilitator: Self-introduction among the participants.
10:00- 10:30 [English with Japanese translation] Seminar by Ms. Bernadette McBurnie
10:30 -11:00 [Both English and Japanese] Breakout sessions
11:00 - 11:30 [Both English and Japanese] Q&A, Share feedback to all participants, and closing remarks
Speaker: Bernadette McBurnie
Professional Speaker, Success Coach, Entrepreneur


Bernadette’s professional journey started as a Corporate Executive with large multinational corporations including L’Oréal, one of the largest Cosmetic companies in the world, BNP and Paris Indosuez Banks. Her IT career took her from France, to Hong Kong, and then on to Japan.
She decided then to put her career on hold and took an 8-year career break to be a stay-at home mom. As she puts it, she was the “Chief Home Officer”! She then moved on to Canada and then to her current home in California.
Bernadette runs two successful businesses, her Speaking and Coaching practice and her International home-based Wellness Network for 19 years.
Bernadette’s mission is to inspire and empower others to be their best self, live their best lives and best serve the world. As a success coach, TEDx and international speaker, and entrepreneur Bernadette empowers culturally diverse groups of women and men of all ages. By uplifting people through personal transformation, her works enables her to positively impact the world through social, economic and environmental change.
One of the ways Bernadette pays forward her good fortune is by donating her time and using her expertise to support Phase2Career, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting women returning to work or transitioning into entrepreneurship. In her spare time, Bernadette is an avid reader, music and movie lover, as well as a scuba diver. Bernadette is blessed with her husband and three beautiful children.

Facilitator: Setsu Suzuki
Founder and CEO of Hunext Inc., Project Director of WEConnect International in Japan


Setsu Suzuki, a founder and CEO of Hunext Inc. a training providing company specialized in Goal-Oriented Language Acquisition Training and consulting for the globalization of small to medium-sized companies since 2004.
Moreover, she became the Project Director for WEConnect International in Japan, brings a unique combination of entrepreneurial and consulting experience. In this role, she is developing training opportunities for women business owners and is also actively connecting national and multinational corporations to local women suppliers through dialogue and networking events.
Additionally, Setsu’s 15 years' Toastmaster leadership experience as an Area and Division Director led to the establishment of two new clubs, while learning public speaking and facilitation to inspire people for their growth. Since joining the National Conference of the Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs in 2013, Setsu has devoted herself to working for the endless potential of women-owned businesses around the world.
Setsu has traveled to more than 40 countries for both business and pleasure. She speaks Japanese, English, Korean, and basic Chinese and Spanish.